release date:

December 09, 2005


Worst Case Scenario

  • A killing Glance at History
  • Ode to the Past
  • Miles away
  • Out of this Place
  • Dedication
  • My Neverland
  • To Stone
  • Origin
  • Final Dusk
  • Black Veil

Marco Schwarz {Vocals}
Christian Reinl {Guitars, Vocals}
Alex Sippel {Guitars}
Henning Witschel {Bass}
Marcus Lipperer {Drums}

all songs written & arranged by RELOAD
produced by Jan Gottschalk, Caipirol Studio www.caipirolstudio.de
mastered by Sami Khatib
album design by Alexander Reinl & Thomas Gugel
photography by Thomas Gugel

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